I got a new job, and it's helping me achieve my lifelong goals

Have you ever found yourself at a point in your life when you ask yourself, "what am I doing here?" Like you've lost sight of your ambitions? Making you feel like you have wasted time and lost the path that was leading you to where you want to be?

Here's how to fix that...

One of my favorite photos from my favorite job I have ever had. It reminds me about what makes me happy and complete.

This past year, I've gone through my fare share of trouble when it comes it finding my place in this world. As I approached graduation, I had high hopes of the start of my career in the professional world. As graduation approached and eventually passed, I was no closer to finding a job. I moved in with parents while I searched for a job. I took on random gigs here and there and I eventually lucked out and was contacted out to a company, only to have that contract striped from beneath me. Then, after months of unemployment, (last week) I landed a full time job outside the field I want to pursue.

As the months went on throughout this process, I became more and more pessimistic, feeling as though life would never bring me what I strived for. I became sad, frustrated, and as a result I lowered my standards. I said screw my dreams, the bills are what matter now, so I'll take what I can get. I said yes to every offer that came my way. This past week, after those months of unemployment, I said yes to a position that in no way relates to my long term dream of becoming a successful photographer. 

But, as I sat at my new desk, wondering when life would offer me what I lusted for, I realized something.

All this BS, all these jobs and experiences that I assumed were ridiculous, they happen for a reason, and then it struck me:

Everything, no matter how mundane, is worth it, so long as you keep your long-term ambitions in mind.

That may seem pretty obvious, but in the moments when you are down in the dumps, it is really hard to remember. Even then, take a step back and really think about what it means. Everyone knows what they want out of their life; they want to have a dream job, become rich, give back and volunteer, travel, etc. But it can be difficult to remember those ambitions. When you truly win is when you realize that as long as you are doing something that will get you closer to your goals, it's worth it.

I repeat: as long as you are doing something that will get you closer to your goals, it's worth it!

I may sit at this desk, frustrated that this is what my life has given me. After all the hard work I've put in, this is where I am. But when I realized that this job is necessary to get me where I need to be, I became a hell of a lot more positive. Everything you do is a stepping stone for your ultimate goal. Use it as just that. You may not think you're getting anywhere doing what you're doing now, but as long as it gets you one penny closer or one experience closer to your goals, it's so worth it.

So yeah, I may not have been totally thrilled with my new job at first. But guess what, I am now! Guess why... Because this job is what I need right now, in this moment, to get me one step closer to my long term dreams. This job will pay my bills for the foreseeable future, and it will give me experience to build on and learn from as I become a better young man. If you look at everything you do as a positive stepping stone leading towards where you need to be, life will be a hell of a lot easier and you will be much happier. 

So say yes to every job and opportunity that is thrown at you, and treat it with absolute respect and optimism. Your goals are miles above you, and every decision you make is one more rung of the ladder that will take you where you need to be. The second you let negativity overwhelm you is the second you start climbing back down. It's never too late to reach for your dreams, so start now... Or, based on what I just talked about, maybe you already have started...