Easy DIY Dramatic Photo Lighting Setup

Coffee anyone?

This week I transformed my office into a rustic/industrial brew house and photographed this coffee still life. 

This is what you do when you have some camera gear, some coffee, and 30 minutes to have some fun. Check out this video I made taking you through every step of capturing an image like this:

A steaming cup of fresh joe, some scattered beans pouring from a burlap sack, all on a rustic/industrial wooden table. Keep reading and watch the tutorial to see how I achieved this dramatic shot...

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If you don't think you can take photos like this, you are wrong. If you have a camera, one light, and some props lying around, you can make this same photos, or ones just like it. 

Check out the slideshow to the left to see behind the scenes of this shoot. As you can see, it's sketchy, but that's okay. You don't need anything fancy to take professional photos that people will want to buy. I used my girlfriend's shirt to mimic a burlap sack, a piece of paper as a light modifier, and a pillow as my backdrop. All of this on my work desk in a cluttered office.

Camera Settings:

SS: 1/200, f/5.6, ISO 100

Again, watch the full tutorial to go step by step through every decision I made. Like the video if you enjoyed, and go check out my Youtube Channel. You'll find more videos like this, and you can subscribe to be notified of new content.