My first film - SNOWFALL - Making a cinematic short film

I can't just be limited to photography. As long as I'm holding a camera, it doesn't matter if the pictures are moving, I'm happy.

Last week I took a stab at shooting my very first cinematic short film. It's called Snowfall, and it is exactly what it sounds like. I had a day off work, and I looked outside and I saw the most beautiful winter storm. I had a few hours, so I decided to see what I could do with one camera, one lens, a tripod, and my back yard. 

Shooting this was a blast, but it was a learning experience. Overall I am very happy with the results. I envisioned a relaxing and tranquil 4 minute video, and that's what I did. For my first time dabbling in video, I'm pretty proud of it. 

Thanks for watching, an if you liked the video, subscribe to my Youtube channel. I hope to do more films like this :)