Starting a Youtube channel

Starting a Youtube channel

I decided to launch my own Youtube channel, as well as the work that comes with it. What does it really take to manage a Youtube channel, and what are some of my favorite channels?

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Booting Up: Launching my photography brand

The first blog post of many to come...

A few short years ago I was among the mass of college students who had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives.  Nothing they had already done or accomplished had sparked any sort of inspiration or passion that would ultimately lead to their desired career path.  That was me: an 18 year-old who was asked to decide what his future would be, even though his interests were almost as unclear as that question.

Whilst popping in and out of majors faster than I could pop the zits on my face, I stumbled upon photography (ultimately by accident). As cliche as it sounds, I would correct that last line and say that photography chose me.  I didn't go looking for it. It snuck its way through the wide open doors of my life and slapped me in my face.

I don't know what to attribute that slap to. There was a sequence of events, so I will attribute them as a whole.

  • I've always been a creator; I never want to work for someone, but rather, make something that I can call 100% mine. Whether I am writing, photographing, or drawing, the end result is all me.
  • Apparently I have a creative eye for a good composition. Even as I took ridiculous candids of my friends at a college party using my iPhone, I found myself checking the rule of thirds, adjusting the lighting, getting the angle, and finding the composition that would result in nothing short of a perfect drunken photo.
  • I stumbled upon an old Canon and began fooling around with it. To my surprise I had fun. To my even greater surprise, I was good at it. Being told I was good at something while enjoying doing it was a combination previously foreign to me. I guess it was all down hill from there.

Now, as hold the camera in my hands (upgraded from the hammy-down to a DSLR), I feel a feeling that nothing has ever or will ever give me.  The rush goes from my toes to my face, then down to my finger tips.  I feel the power in my hands and see the composition in front of me. The task is always to capture it, but with the added challenge of capturing it in a way no one else can.  To make that person look stunning. To make the colors pop.  To ultimately give the future viewer of the picture that same rush that is currently consuming you.  It is all up to you, and you are the creator.  The photo that will come from one swift click of a button will capture a moment completely unique and not repeatable.  That click represents that moment that you alone are responsible for not only maintaining, but enhancing.

If you know this feeling, this warm excitement that doesn't allow you to put the glass down, you're a photographer.

And with that burning inspiration inside me, I am launching my brand, Connor Moriarty Photography. Just looking at this website is giving me that rush, and I cannot wait to embark on my journey of capturing moments. This blog post will hopfully be the first of many to come.  I plan to use this website for everything relating to my brand. I will include personal thoughts, recaps of my life within the photography world, tips and tricks for taking quality photos, and much more.

So, help out a new photographer by checking out some of the things I have to offer. Even looking through some of my photos would mean the world to me. All I really want is for people to appreciate my work. So check out my Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook page, Connor Moriarty Photography by clicking the icons to the left. Feel free to give a follow.

Thanks all for the support, and join me on my journey through the moments.