The Big Move | Making a photo career in a new city

From one of my first weddings: Whitney and Evan

College is over: no more homework, no more roommates, the diploma is in the mail. Time to make the big move to a new city, to begin a new job, and freaking out every step of the way.

Columbus, OH. That's where I moved. I was happy to. I followed my amazing Tori along with her job with JP Morgan Chase. When I moved, I wasn't really employed, but I had mighty aspirations of making it big and launching my photography career. When I got to the 614 (after an amazing road trip I may add, which I will post about soon) I spent the first couple weeks rolling. Every hour of every day I was on my computer, branding myself, applying for jobs, and looking for cool opportunities.

Dreaming of that dress since she was a little girl...

I wasn't completely SOL though. Months ago I landed a part time job shooting weddings with the amazing Hillary Ferguson. I was nervous to start photographing one of the most important and stressful days of people's lived, but I soon found out I needn't be. I hit the ground running, doing both weddings and engagement shoots with Hillary, and I've been having a blast. Not only that, but apparently I'm half way decent at it too. Time to breathe a sigh of relief.

Things are great in that sense. But everything else has been an almighty struggle to say the least. A hopefully unemployed college student hoping for a job in the near future turned into a down-in-the-dumps guy bored out of his mind all day at home. Great. I may technically be employed with Hillary, but I need a full time gig, and ever since graduation it's been one rejection after another.

Who said this whole job thing would be easy?...

I'm still hopeful, that won't go away, but I'm just waiting for some good news. I knew post-graduation job searching would be a struggle, but I never expected this. I know there's that perfect job somewhere out there waiting for me, I'm just waiting for the stars to align for me. I won't stop applying and calling, but it's tough to keep going every day.

Until then, I find solace in my gig with Hillary. If I didn't have it I think I would have gone off the deep end by now. I'm having a blast shooting weddings with her, and I'm really beginning to find my talent and passion for the business. I'm going to keep tugging along with this job, hoping for that full time job to pull through sometime soon

For now it's just me and my wedding gig. Feel free to flip through my photos from it thus far, and wish me luck on the hunt...