What photography gear should you buy?

When I first started my journey to become a professional photographer, I went to Google and typed in the search bar, "What gear should I buy?"

Well, you may be surprised when I tell you I found jack squat. Nothing. Zero. I mean I guess I found some jumbled videos and blog posts here and there that gave vague descriptions of the different type of photo equipment. But literally no one said, "Buy THIS first! Buy THIS second. Ect..."

So today I said, "Screw it, I'll do it!"

That's right. Today I am deep within my photo career. I've bought some of the most expensive professional gear out there, and I have a versatile arsenal of gear that equips me for any situation that may be thrown at me. So why don't I make this video that so many aspiring photos could benefit from?

Unfortunately, I'm not going to tell you what you need to know in this blog post. Better yet, I made a video! That's right, I made a 40 minute video explaining in detail what photo gear you should buy, and the order in which you should buy it in. So, while it would be redundant to reiterate what I said in my video right here, I'll briefly summarize the video so you're better equipped to watch the video (yes, I know, 40 minutes is a commitment. It's worth it I promise.).

1. Essentials

First, I get right into the nitty gritty and tell you what are the bare essentials you need to become a professional photog. By now you've already found your love for photography, and you are serious about taking the journey to professionalism. In this category you'll learn about the few things you can't function without, and if you get them first, you will have a fantastic foundation to build your career on.

2. Essentials 2.0

Yeah, creative title, I know. But it's accurate. By this point you have begun your professional career, you have booked a few gigs, and you are ready to step up your game and start doing the serious stuff. But, after this there's no turning back. There's some serious purchases in this one. This second category is all the gear that is essential if you want to become a full time professional photog. It's the stuff that will prepare you for any portrait shoot, wedding, high end client, or event that may come your way. This is all stuff you NEED, so start saving up.

3. Luxuries

Finally, I talk luxuries. All the gear in this section are either things that are not necessary but make the job easier, or things that only photographers specializing in very specific niches need to purchase. These type of things are never EVER to be bought before anything in the preceding two categories. Actually, you never will really need them. Hence the title: luxuries. These items are the golden toilets of photography, so get going if you want them.

So now that you have that info, you're all ready to go watch the video. Check it out, enjoy it, and feel free to give me feedback. Let me know if there's gear that I left out that you can't live without, or if you agree with my list. Thanks guys!!!

This is a full comprehensive video explaining what photo equipment you need TODAY as an amateur, and what gear you can wait a while for. I know this is a long video, but it contains everything you need to know (in my opinion) about the order in which to buy your arsenal of photography gear.