Concerts and Events - How It Works:

Preliminary Consultation:

After contacting Connor Moriarty Photography you have a pre-shoot consultation. This consultation is a simple meeting where we discuss exactly what the event is and what types of photos you desire.  I will ask you to sign a contract, and this is the time to ask me to sign one as well. Other logistics such as event regulations and image usage will be discussed, but overall, this is a quick and easy meeting.

The Event:

Whether it's a concert or party, you can count on a photographer that will stay out of the way and get the shots you envisioned. I will work for the hours decided during the meeting and capture the best photos that you asked for. Just go enjoy the event and trust that I will get the job done.

After the Event:

Once the event is over, I like to respect my clients and be very quick with the editing and return of the images. Clients never have to wait more than a few days to see the pictures they've been so anxiously awaiting.

Whether we meet in person or electronically, I like to show you your edited images on an online secure client purchasing website. There you can choose the photos you would like to keep, or simply download them all. Because you have paid hourly, you have access to all photos (usage rights, non-commercial, and not ownership). You can, however, choose to purchase prints, canvases, metallics, and various other products. After that, the process is complete, and I look forward to your next photo inquiry.